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The Grandee features 7 unique and exclusive jet styles offering different types of massage for various parts of the body.

Lounge Seating: No
Price: $$$$$
Size: 8'4" x 7'7" x 38"
Seating Capacity: 5-6 Adults
Jets: 43
Water Care: FreshWater Salt System Ready

Grandee Features




Looking to relax and/or entertain? Look no further than the Grandee® – our largest Highlife® Collection spa, including two seats featuring patented Moto-Massage® DX jets. With ample leg space and 38” depth with a variety of contoured seats, this hot tub is ideal for all family members. The open-concept seating design will give each individual an abundance of space, so you can move around freely!

  • 2 Moto-Massage® DX jets
  • Luminescence® multi-color four-zone LED Lighting
  • BellaFontana® with 3 illuminated arcs of water
  • IQ 2020® with wireless remote control
  • 230v/50amp
  • 60Hz
  • Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel325 sq. ft.
  • Top loading Tri-X® filters inc. 100% no-bypass filtrationDeluxe Hard Cover 3.5" to 2.5" tapered/2 lb. density foam core with hinge seal

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Hot Spring Spas




5 Years Parts, Labor, Plumbing

Seating Capacity

5-6 Adults

Number of Seats


Lounge Seating


Jet Count


Water Care

FreshWater Salt System Ready


8'4" x 7'7" x 38"

Grandee Accessories

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